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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Read, review, and enjoy!

Chapter 1
June 15th, 2239
2nd Imperial Unified Reich of the United States of Imperial America
Unified Imperial North America
San Francisco, California

Kuvira may be the Fleet Admiral, but does she have to abuse her power like this? Calling my crew and I down here on short notice before we launch with no explanation? This better be good. Korra thought as she led her senior officers down one of the many hallways that made up the Imperial Military Command center.

Regarded as the most heavily armed military installation on the planet, it was the beating heart and brain of the Empire's Armed Forces. Navy, Marine Corps, Army, everything involved with the military was in this massive, sprawling structure.

At the moment, the officers of the Enterprise were currently heading to meet with Fleet Admiral Kuvira 'Bullseye' Halsey, the head of the Terran Military. Many believed that she was the most powerful individual on the planet, even more powerful than the Emperor himself. Once they reached the main conference room…

"Korra Vashti, captain of the Enterprise, here to see Admiral Halsey." Korra muttered, giving the Imperial Salute to the guard. Pressing a few buttons on the wall, the dark doors opened, and the crew stepped in.
June 15th, 2239
Welthauptsadt Germania
Unified Germanic Empire

"We can't afford to pull the fleet back now, it will only show the rebels that we're weak!" Unaloq yelled.

"By keeping the bulk of our fleet at the Outer Territories, we leave the Core Worlds and Terra herself open for an attack! I am not proposing a reduction of our forces, what I am proposing is that we slow down our expansion! Pull our forces and consolidate at the territories we have a strong control over, and begin again from there!" Tenzin replied.

"I second Senator Gyatso's proposal!" a younger, lower-ranked senator cried out.

It went back and forth for the next several hours, the Imperial Senate divided: one wanting to follow Tenzin's proposal to limit their current expansion of the Empire and strengthen what territory they already had. The other half wanted to continue expanding, simple as that. And they got absolutely nowhere. Up in the balcony,

"I told you Tenzin wasn't going to fold." Unaloq muttered.

"This is a minor setback, he'll come to see our way. Besides, if we play our cards right, we can use this to our advantage. Paint Tenzin and his supporters in an unfavorable light."

"How?" Unaloq asked. His communicator buzzed; he flipped it open to read the text message. Softly cursing, he closed it and put it away.

"What happened?"

"There's something you should know. My contacts have discovered that Tenzin's daughter is the science officer aboard the Enterprise."

"Dammit, this really fucks up our plans." Tarrlok snarled.

"If anything happens to Tenzin and his daughter finds out, my niece will go to any length to see the Senate hang." Unaloq sighed. Tarrlok pinched his nose, contemplating his next plan.

"Wait. If any other senator or governmental authority did something to Tenzin, Korra will simply attack because she doesn't know them. But if it's someone she knows..."

"Me? You're asking me to eliminate Senator Tenzin?"

"I'm not asking for you to kill Tenzin, not you personally if you don't like getting your hands bloody. We don't even have to kill him. We just need to erase him from the picture momentarily until our plans can be finalized."

"Well, do you have any plans for that? He's a former Spec Ops, former MACO, and has plenty of contacts within the military. He'll be hard to break." Unaloq sighed.

"Then maybe we shouldn't break him through conventional means. I have a contact in the Romulan government, I'll talk to him. If we can get the flagship over at the border, I think we can create something to fuck with Tenzin's head." Tarrlok smirked.
June 15th, 2239
2nd Imperial Unified Reich of the United States of Imperial America
Unified Imperial North America
San Francisco, California

"Do you guys have any idea about the shitstorm you've created?!" Kuvira bellowed. Opal and Jinora were very shocked, but the rest of the senior crew were trying to hold back their grins. And failing. Miserably.

"Remind me again, sir, I somehow fail to remember the so-called shitstorm." Korra responded with a grin. Kuvira sighed angrily.

"Your orders were to lie at the Neutral Zone, cloaked, record the effectiveness of the Romulan Navy, prepare and set the mines, and leave the area, without anyone knowing!"

"Well, um, we were compromised, so we had to adapt to the changing circumstances." Korra smiled.

"And you thought using your tractor beam to snag several battle-stations and toss them around like garbage, thus turning the Neutral Zone into a free-for-all shootout was the answer?"

"It worked."

"Do I look like a moron to you, captain?" Kuvira snarled.

"No, sir, not at all." Korra replied, a big smirk on her face. Kuvira sighed.

"Captain, the Invasion of Romulus is scheduled to be underway within the next two weeks. Imperial Command wants it done soon, and quickly. The Romulans didn't know of our plans-"

"Oh, that's FUCKING bullshit, Admiral, and you know it! Of course the Romulans knew! In case you haven't forgotten, we're an expansionist empire! Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before we took Romulus! Why else would I have a whole fuck-ton of new torpedoes loaded to my ship?! Wanna explain that to me?" Korra asked. Now her officers were stunned. Kuvira 'Bulls-Eye' Halsey was not an officer you argued with.

As one of the most ruthless and dominate officers in the fleet, Kuvira quickly rose the ranks. At only 31, she was the youngest Fleet Admiral in the history of the Navy, and the most deadly. World after world, conquest after conquest, she had cemented herself as a very strong and dedicated leader, with a very strong tactical mind.

Every officer in the fleet knew she had no qualms with executing anyone who either disobeyed her or failed to live up to her expectations. All except Korra Vashti. No one knew this, but Kuvira was secretly grooming Korra to be the next Fleet Admiral when she became Empress of the Empire.

"The new torpedoes. Lieutenant Marcus, would you mind explaining to the good captain about your new invention that's gonna help us cement our position in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants?" Kuvira asked. The young blonde lieutenant strutted to the large desk, pressing in several commands on the keypad.

"The Type-55 1A torpedo, code-name 'Genesis', is highly advanced, long-range stealth torpedo. We built it using the same frame as the quantum torpedoes, so it's just as maneuverable. What sets this weapon apart from every other torpedo and missile in the Imperial arsenal is its warhead." As she spoke, a holographic image of a torpedo appeared over the desk. Unlike standard photon and quantum torpedoes which had curvaceous look to their outer frame, the Genesis Torpedo looked more like the older spatial torpedoes from the 22nd century, albeit far more advanced. Small fins protruded along the middle and rear of the device, and four small rocket boosters extended out the rear of the torpedo.

"Instead of using a photonic warhead like most torpedoes, the Genesis warhead consists of a large tri-deranium canister which, when detonated, reduces all organic life in the kill zone on the planetoid into subatomic particles, then the pre-programmed matrix rearranges those particles into a more desirable habitat for humans. Oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, fresh water, anything we need to sustain life." Marcus said, turning off the holo-image while leaning against the desk.

"So why do we need it?" Korra asked.

"Because bombing planets into submission has its drawbacks. It's expensive, a waste of time and weaponry, and the usual result is that while the planets native population is eradicated, most of the natural resources and infrastructure is severely damaged or eradicated as well. Genesis was built to negate that. Why spend days wasting quantum torpedoes when one torpedo and a few hours is all you need?" she asked with a bit of a wicked smile.

"So what does this weapon do? You said it targets organic life." Mako stated.

"That's right, Commander. It targets organic life specifically. You fire this on an inhabited planet, it will destroy all existing life in favor of its programmed matrix."

"So, theoretically speaking, if you were to use this on, say, Vulcan, you'd be wiping out every living being on the planet with this device?" Jinora asked, horrified that the military she was serving in was capable of creating such a device.

"Yup." Carol smirked.

"How soon can we expect full deployment to the fleet?" Korra asked.

"Enterprise is the only ship to receive these torpedoes." Kuvira replied.

"Tip of the Spear." Korra sighed.

"That's right. Now then, your orders are these: you're to meet up with the 4th Assault Fleet in Sector 421 near the border. Once we've broken through the Neutral Zone, we move through any and all opposition towards Romulus. You park your ass above the planet, drop one of these new torpedoes on the planet, sit back and enjoy the fireworks." Kuvira stated.

"Just like that? Just a while ago, you were grilling me about how I made the Romulans aware of our invasion." Korra smirked.

"Even so, I strongly believe with the 4th fleet, we can punch through and get to Romulus easily."

"Alright. One question, Lieutenant Marcus. You said the Genesis torpedoes were built on the platform of the Quantum torpedoes. Can I use these in combat?" Korra asked.

"I would strongly not recommend using this torpedo in combat, for two reasons: 1) one of these torpedoes is equal to the cost of 50 quantum torpedoes. And 2) we honestly don't know what would happen if it were used in such a scenario. It was designed only for use on planets or planetoids, not something small and manmade like a starship."

"So that's a no?"

"It's a no. A very strong no."

"Alright, the point is made. I want Enterprise to depart immediately. You're all dismissed." Kuvira ordered. After the salute was given, everyone began shuffling out of the room. As they walked through the hallways,

"Captain, about Admiral Halsey-" Jinora started.

"You want to know if that's what she's like all the time. Not really, only if you really piss her off. But don't get on her bad side. After all, there's a reason she's the Fleet Admiral."
June 15th, 2239
Welthauptsadt Germania
Unified Germanic Empire

"Are your men ready?" Tarrloq asked.

"We've just finished. They won't know what hit them."

"And when the vessel hits the Neutral Zone…"

"Don't worry, we'll have a nice surprise waiting for them. I suppose I should thank you, Senator. When our Empire is strong again, I'll be sure to save a seat in the new government specifically for you."

The line went dead.

"Do you trust him?" Unaloq asked.

"Enough to do the job."

"I'm correct in assuming that he'll fail, and thus it won't come back to us?"

"It won't. Take a look at these schematics." Tarrlok said, handing Unaloq his iPad. "When they rearmed the Enterprise during the refit, they went all-out concerning the weaponry. This plays into our hands."

"What makes you say that?" Unaloq asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Because Korra Vashti is a very scrappy fighter. She's not one to back down from a fight, and she always finishes one. It's one of her greatest strengths and one of her greatest weaknesses." Tarrlok smirked, pouring a glass of red wine.

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Star Trek belongs to Gene Roddenberry, the new Star Trek reboot is from JJ Abrams. Legend of Korra belongs to Micheal Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.

I had this idea floating around for quite a while, so eventually, I decided to break down and give it a shot. Read, enjoy and review!

Note: Be advised, being an 'M' rated story, it will feature some sexual scenes and some graphic combat and torture scenes as well later on in the story. You have been warned.

June 15th, 2239
Starbase Alpha-1A
Sector 001, Terra

"Shuttle 'Gemini', you are cleared to land. Cut engines to zero power, coast on in."

"Copy that, Enterprise, cutting engines. Glad to be back home." the pilot said, gently easing the throttle back. The shuttlecraft's engines slowly hummed away, the inertia causing the vehicle to float effortlessly towards the massive hanger-deck, currently built on the even larger warship.

The ISS Enterprise was the flagship of the Imperial Navy, and the pride of the Terran Military. Fast, sleek, sexy, and very deadly, (much like her captain) she was a force to be reckoned with. Armed with 12 high powered phaser emitters, 2 torpedo launchers, and 25 new pulse phase turrets all along the outer hull, she was among the most heavily armed vessels in the fleet.

At the moment, she was currently being re-fitted with new weapons, the latest in starship technology the Empire had to offer, and new crewmembers. Two 'newbie' ensigns walked off the shuttle, staring in awe as the large shuttle bay.

"We made it, Opal." Jinora sighed breathlessly.

"Yeah, we did. Come on, better not keep the captain waiting." Opal Beifong replied, still awestruck at her new home, just like her friend. As the two walked through the heavily-armed corridors, they realized they didn't know where the bridge was. Or anything, really.

"I, don't understand, I had the schematics of the ship memorized when I heard my assignment." Jinora wondered.

"Because the schematics you memorized are probably outdated. Could you hand me that Tero-Spanner?" a female voice asked. The two looked and saw a very beautiful women working on an opened computer console, an Officer's Workman Jacket open on her shoulders and a toolbox open beside her.

"Which is what, again?" Jinora asked, heaving her duffel bag on her left shoulder.

"The cone-shaped device, please." Handing her the tool,

"I take it you two are heading to the bridge?"

"How'd you know?" Opal asked.

"You two have that 'needing to report to the captain' look pretty good. It's alright, captain don't bite that much."

"Yes, we were looking for the turbolift for the bridge, but..."

"Like I said, the schematics have changed. My father's company and Varrick Inter-Galactic rebuilt most of the inside from scratch. Along with new computer systems, a new engine core, newer weapons and shield emplacements as well. So, we are here... this is the route to get to the bridge. Now, the captain isn't there, she's down in the gym. That would be here." The brunette women said, tapping directions on her data-PADD.

"Thanks very much. Jinora Gyatso."

"Opal Beifong."

"Pleasure to meet you two. Asami Sato, Chief Engineer."

"Sato, your father is Hiroshi Sato?" Jinora asked.

"That's right."

"So, does that mean-"

"Yes, I'm the heiress to Future Industries. I try not to think about that too much, though, I got enough on my plate keeping this hunk of metal running." Asami replied with a warm smile.

"Lieutenant Commander Sato, send the two newbies you're chatting with down to me immediately. Are the new engines ready?" a stern voice came over the comm.

"Yes, had them installed early this morning. Just been working on the new gel-packs that Varrick gave us. I swear, they almost make the ship seem alive, and it in all honesty, it almost creeps me out."

"Alive or not, gotta remember, she's saved our asses more times than I care to remember. By the way, did you sign on the new 'Genesis' Torpedoes that Carol Marcus built?"

"I did, they're in cargo bay #2. Can't wait to test them out."

"So do I. As for the two newbies standing there, get your asses down here now, that's an order!"

"Yes sir." Asami sighed lightly.

"Who was that?" Jinora asked, wondering why the voice sounded familiar.

"The captain. She wants to see you two immediately. And by the sound of her voice, she's not willing to wait either."
June 15th, 2239
ISS Enterprise
Deck 8, Section 5A x Corridor 2D

Being the flagship of the Imperial Navy filled to the brink with Augments, the gym was regarded as one of the most important rooms on the Enterprise. It was actually a very large training facility slapped onboard, but it had been dubbed with the nickname, 'the gym.' With state of the art training equipment, massive weights that most unaugmented body-builders couldn't lift in their wildest dreams, a very advanced holo-training program that ran the user through various CQB programs, and a holographic rifle range, the gym was bustling with activity. Very loud activity.

Men and women grunting and yelling as they sparred with each other, phasers and other weaponry going off, sirens blaring whenever a target was successfully hit, loud heavy metal music blaring through the speakers; but the loudest of all was the AC unit running at full blast for one reason, and one reason only: The gym also ran the reputation as being the most foul-smelling room on the ship, even worse than the engine room when the warp core ran afoul. Which was saying something.

It was a running joke that all who entered the gym needed very strong lungs, no sense of smell, a fully functioning gas mask, a signed waiver, an up-to-date will, and their affairs in order should the smell actually kill them. All in all, just another day onboard the Enterprise.

In the center of the weight room, lay the captain of the ship on a weight bench. Shirtless save for her bra, fingerless gloves, combat boots and standard camouflage pants, she was currently bench pressing 3,050 pounds.

"... 997... 998... 999...-" the female captain growled between gritted teeth.

"Ensigns Opal Beifong and Jinora Gyatso reporting as ordered, Captain Korra."

"1,000. FUCK!" Korra snarled as she let the massive weight bar slam on the hooks. Letting her sore, yet very muscular arms dangle on the floor, she breathed heavily for a few seconds before bringing herself up in a sitting position, her arms resting on her thighs. After taking in a few deep breaths,

"Sorry about that. Been trying to get to 1,100, but I can't push past 1,000. It's really annoying." Korra sighed heavily, scratching her Mohawk. After noticing the two young officers were still standing somewhat awkwardly,

"Sit down, both of you. This ain't fucking Starfleet Command. We're not scheduled to leave for another two hours." Korra sighed as she reached down to grab two PADD's while Jinora and Opal dropped their duffel bags and sat down on the large work bench across from the captain.

"Jinora Gyatso. Oldest daughter of Senator Tenzin Gyatso, top marks in astrophysics, exoarcheology, exobiology, zoology... not bad. Bet you're probably wondering why the flagship needs a science officer." Korra remarked with a sly smile.

"I have been wondering that myself."

"Well, you'd be surprised at what we find out there. Remember when I told you about that giant amoeba-thing we found floating in space? Was dumb enough to detonate a quantum torpedo in the damn thing and instead it disables my engines and forward weapons. Had to cut my losses and flee before the damn thing turned my ship into scrap metal."

"You? Running away from a fight? I find that hard to believe." Jinora said playfully.

"Believe it." Korra replied, a strange look in her icy blue eyes. Looking down at the data-PADD,

"Ensign Opal Beifong. Daughter of Suyin and Bataar Sr. Beifong, niece of Lin Beifong, high marks in xenolinguistics, the ability to track and decode secret messages in open transmissions... " Korra muttered, her eyebrows rising somewhat.

"I'll be honest, I'm impressed. Enterprise will be glad to have you onboard, Ensign. I'll be sure to thank Kuvira about sending you to me." Korra said, purposefully paying attention to Opal's reaction to the name of the current Fleet Admiral being dropped.

Okay, she stiffened slightly, her breath hitched, but only barely noticeable, and her pupils shrank ever so barely. If she has a problem with Kuvira, then that translates to a problem for me. Korra thought to herself.

"Is that gonna be a problem, Opal?" Korra asked.

"No, sir. None at all." She said a little too briskly. Korra was about to ask, but found the bench disturbed almost violently. Looking over to her left, she a young man with tan skin, brown eyes, somewhat ruffled dark-brown hair and a rather muscular torso despite his small frame. He had a few light bruises decorating his body.

The ship's helmsmen and residential prankster, Lieutenant Kai Agyosto.

"Hey, boss." Kai smiled weakly.

"What'd you do now?" Korra sighed.

"Nothing!" Kai responded a little too quickly. Korra simply raised her eyebrow.

"Okay, Mako's still a little pissed that I put his combat knife in Jell-O, so..."

Korra looked over her shoulder and found her XO/Tactical Officer/Chief of Security, Commander Mako Charleston. A light grin formed on his face.

"He's lucky that's all I did. Nothing a few minutes in sickbay won't heal."

Korra sighed, rubbing her brow.

"Mako, spar with your brother. Kai, get your ass to the sickbay."

"Yes, sir." The two replied. Kai stood up, rotating his arms as he did so.

"Ladies, enjoy what you see?" Kai smirked, flexing his pecs and abs.

Jinora and Opal giggled, but Korra was having none of it. Reaching down into her gym bag, she pulled out a black Colt .45 revolver, cocking the hammer back.

"Kai, you're gonna be in a world of pain."

Kai got the hint and walked away, winking at Jinora as he walked away.

"Would you have really shot him?" Opal asked, stunned at her captain's recent action.

"No, not really." Korra smirked, opening the revolver to show that it was completely empty. Putting the gun away, she stood up and patted down the sweat off her face and neck.

"Okay, since Enterprise isn't scheduled to leave for another few hours, why don't you make yourselves comfortable? Ship's your home now. I gotta contact the Admiral anyway." Korra sighed, grabbing her bag and leaving the gym. Before she left, she turned around.

"By the way, I'm glad to have you onboard. Both of you." She said with a warm smile.
June 15th, 2239
ISS Enterprise
Deck 2, Section 1A x Corridor 1D
Captain's Quarters

Korra sat down at her desk, quickly typing in several codes on her console. In a few short minutes, the logo for the Terran Empire appeared, a dagger piercing the planet Earth, surrounded by the words, Terra Magnum Imperium.

The Great Empire. In a manner of speaking, yes, it is. Compared to the shit I've seen out in the far reaches of space, the Terran Empire is the light of the galaxy. Korra thought to herself as the viewscreen changed.

"Captain, it's good to see you again. Like the new haircut, the mohawk suits you." Fleet Admiral Kuvira smiled.

"Thanks, figured you'd like it." Korra smirked. The veteran admiral chuckled.

"Captain, if you're calling me on this line, there's got to be a reason as to why you're calling me."

"Jinora Gyatso and Opal Beifong. What do I need to do to get them transferred off my ship?" Korra asked. Kuvira sighed.

"Korra, I need to explain something to you. And... I would really, really appreciate it if you would listen to me this time. I mean, really listen to me."

"I'm all ears." Korra said somewhat arrogantly.

"Before the refit, Enterprise was one of the least advanced ships in the fleet. To be honest, you're one of the last vessels to be refitted. And I'm sorry to say this, but it's your fault."

"My fault?" Korra replied with an eyebrow arched.

"Specifically modifying buoys to jam all communications to and from your ship? A self-imposed extension on your previous mission that left you stranded in enemy territory, on a ship falling apart, a near mutinous crew, very few weapons left... get my drift? Had you returned to port like I ordered you to, the new weapons and systems would've been on your ship and the Briar Patch would've been a cakewalk for you. Instead, it was an ambush that almost destroyed the flagship, and you along with it."

Korra flinched at that memory.

"Had you followed my orders, you still would've had a good-sized crew, and the chances of Beifong and Gyatso being assigned to another vessel probably would've been very high. But, I'll humor you."

"Really?" Korra asked.

"Only for my favorite captain." Kuvira smirked. Korra laughed.

"Alright. Well... the reasons... the reasons may sound silly, but... I don't want accusations of nepotism running around my ship about those two."

"I see your point. Jinora is the daughter of Senator Tenzin, and it's not much of a secret that you're practically a part of their family. Big sister, little sister mentality, right?"


"Your crew will more than likely think that you and Tenzin pulled strings to have her onboard. That could lead to problems. And Opal... her mother is one of the biggest financial contributors to the Imperial Academy. And her aunt is Chief of Security of Terra. Those two factors alone will make her unpopular onboard, that'll definitely affect her."

"It's more than that, sir. I dropped your name while I was chatting with her not too long ago, and I noticed her stiffen up when she heard your name. Dare I say so, but I really believe she might have problems following your orders. I can't have someone like that onboard."

Kuvira sighed.

"Captain, between the Beifong family and I, that's something I would prefer to be kept secret."

"So you're not gonna tell me why Ensign Beifong could be a potential liability to my ship and crew?"

"I didn't say she was. Give her a chance, she could prove very helpful."

Korra sighed, rubbing her eyes.

"So I'm stuck with those two?"

"Pretty much." Kuvira smirked.

"Alright, I'll give Opal a chance. For you. First sign of trouble, though, I'm doing to her what Zefram Chochrane did to the first Vulcan who set foot on Mother Terra." Korra replied.

"Please don't tell me you still have his shotgun."

Korra only grinned maliciously. Kuvira could only sigh.

"Out of everything that was destroyed or severely damaged aboard your vessel, you save that?!"

"Hell yeah!" Korra boasted. Kuvira sighed heavily.

"Korra, please remember this: You're the best captain in the fleet, with an amazing crew. But, do remember that those two new ensigns aren't the only ones who had to deal with nepotism onboard a starship called Enterprise."
June 15th, 2239
Welthauptsadt Germania
Unified Germanic Empire

Senator Tarrlok Reedson inhaled through his nose, enjoying the feeling of crisp, cold air running through his nostrils and into his lungs. His blue eyes roamed over the massive city that was the heart of the government of the Terran Empire. As such, it, along with San Francisco, became the most heavily guarded city on the planet. Out in the far, gentle, rolling hills and green plains rose massive steel pylons, each holding an old NX-class starship. 15 of them, perched in the sky, their bows raised upward as if they were gonna take flight again. While many believed they were simple museums built to honor the original ships of the Imperial Navy, all of them were secretly armed and ready for action if they were needed.

The Navy kept crews trained to fly the NX vessels should Germania fall under attack and the already massive Terran Army and Terran Marine Corps not handle the situation, for additional support and firepower. While they were no match for a Constitution-class ship, they could still do their job well and defend the city.

While San Francisco was the military headquarters of Terra, Germania was the political power of the planet. The senate building, the judicial courts and the Imperial Palace all lay in the massive city.

The powers that be that the Empire will thrive and grow stronger than before. The decisions we make here today will have lasting repercussions on the galaxy, hopefully for the better. Tarrlok thought to himself.

He drove out the sounds of vehicles echoing in the massive city, hover cars, aircraft of all kinds, the busy roads and highways still being used, the multiple railroads bringing in and taking out precious cargo, both alive and inanimate.

"I trust we have a deal, Senator Unaloq?" Tarrlok asked, sipping his coffee. He turned from the balcony into his lavish home, where another senator, Unaloq Vashti sat on the couch, a cup of tea in his hand.

"Yes, yes, we do have a deal. However, I foresee two problems: Senator Tenzin and the military. We all know Tenzin is a strong supporter of the Demobilization Act, that's gonna derail our plans if he allows that to go through. All our work will have been for nothing if we start pulling our forces off the front lines. It will show our enemies that the Empire is weak, that we are unable to hold the line."

"Yes, I couldn't agree with you anymore there. The military will definitely dislike this. But putting governmental authorities on their ships to watch and report them? They'll hate it at first, but they'll eventually realize that they simply can't go running amok the galaxy without a sense of structure and order." Tarrlok said somewhat smugly.

"Yes, but I do know of one ship captain that won't be going along with this at all." Unaloq muttered.

"Oh yes, your niece, Korra. Well, you have to admit, unrestrained or not, she has greatly expanded the influence of the Empire."

"Yes, she has." Unaloq growled as he launched himself off the couch, walking over to the liquor cabinet.

"Something on your mind?" Tarrlok asked, settling down on the recliner. The other senator sighed heavily.

"Yes, I do have something on my mind. What is it about Korra that so many people find so appealing?" Unaloq asked.

"Well, she's a very attractive young woman, she's headstrong, a little stubborn, but one hell of a ship captain, a very loyal officer, and always willing to save those under her command, regardless of circumstance or consequence." Tarrlok said smugly. That, and she's easy to manipulate as well. Just a few right words regarding the Empire and she'll jump all over the chance to bomb the hell out of any alien planet. He thought to himself.

"Yes, I suppose you're right. Goddammit, what the hell did my brother do to be blessed with a daughter like Korra?! You've seen her, men and women practically kiss the ground she walks on! No matter where she walks, everyone always does a double-take on her! All eyes are on her the moment she walks into the room, no matter where it is! Captain of the Enterprise, the Flagship of the Imperial Navy? Every ship captain wants that job, yet she has it! And she's the youngest captain in the fleet, only 20 years old! She inspires confidence in anyone that follows her in battle, and she always wins, no matter the odds! She's next in line to become the next Fleet Admiral! That'll make her the youngest ever!" Unaloq ranted, his grip on his wineglass growing tighter.

"Now, now, Unaloq, jealousy is an ugly emotion, not one meant for an Imperial Senator such as yourself, especially one with your political and social standing." Tarrlok replied.

"Yes, I have great standing, I realize that! My late wife understood that, but we could never get Desna and Eska to fully appreciate what I have! They've lived a life of total luxury, and as a result, they have no ambition at all! No desire to join the Senate, the military, nothing at all! My niece is the complete opposite! She followed in her father's footsteps!

Yes, everyone knows I'm brother to Tonraq, Hero of the Mutara Nebula! He's in the reserves, not even on the front lines! He doesn't even live a life of luxury like me, doesn't have nowhere near the power and status I have, yet I'm constantly overlooked to my brother because he broke the Cardassian's back in that damn nebula with only three Kelvin-type destroyers! I've brokered peace treaty after peace treaty, I've helped expand our borders, but I don't get nearly as much credit as my brother has gotten! And he doesn't even want any of it, just wants to live a life in peace and quiet! What's so special about them?! What the fuck is so special about both of them?!" Unaloq yelled, tossing his wineglass against the wall.

"If you see fit to use my wall as target practice with a wineglass, we may have to rearrange our little agreement." Tarrlok said sarcastically. Breathing heavily, Unaloq gripped the granite countertop.

"I... apologize for... my outburst, Senator. It's just... look, the Senate and the Military have never gotten along, we all know that. This bill, if we push it forward, or even attempt to, we could have a civil war on our hands. We can't afford that."
Mother Terra Has Arrived!
Despite engine trouble and a damaged warp field, the ISS Enterprise made it to the border of the Romulan Star Empire. Despite being the only Terran ship in that sector, her new weapons combined with the tenacity and tactical mind of Captain Korra Vashti gave the lone battleship a huge advantage. It also helped that the Romulans fielded rather older vessels, most of whom weren't even armed with even basic laser weaponry. Despite this setback, it was only momentary. The Terran Flagship would see to it herself.

Note: This artwork is NOT mine. It was a request from Jetfreak-7. Giving credit to him.
Pride of the Empire
"To Boldly Conquer What No Man Has Conquered Before!"

Under the command of Captain Korra Vashti, the ISS Enterprise has become known as a symbol of fear and oppression, and is seen as the pride of the Imperial Navy of the Terran Empire. With 12 high-powered phaser ball-turrets, 2 torpedo launchers, and 25 brand new Mark 31/A Pulse Phaser turrets, the Imperial Flagship is not a vessel to be trifled with, as countless alien worlds have found out the hard way.

DISCLAIMER: NOT my artwork, a commission from artist Jetfreak-7 and artist WileyCoyote, full credit goes to those two because they are the ones that did this. This is only a commission for a fanfic story I'm writing. Will also give credit to Micheal Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko as well.


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